Life has handed me the short end of a stick.

Trying really hard on everything just pretty much makes you good at nothing.

When people questioned me, what do you do, what’s your ambition, your future…
I always have an answer in mind, but the answer’s never consistent.

I’ve spent so much time achieving what I want and ended up moving on to a different goal and losing what I’ve learnt & achieved.

I always sat down in a quiet room and start questioning myself..
What is my ambition?
What could make me stay consistent?
What do I want to do with my life?

Every time this happens, I paused then thought for a bit. These words starts running around my head. Pool? Forensic Science? Computer Technician? Graphics Designer? Webmaster? And each time these words pop out, my tear ducts starts itching a bit. Cause I once had the chance to be good at any one of em, but I passed on just cause I got attracted to something new.

Due to all that, I could barely get serious with anything I do now. Because I’m afraid, afraid that sooner or later I’ll then again move on like before.

So I slack, I procrastinate in every task or goals meant to be done/achieved.

I just pray and hope that I’d find my way out through this dark hole soon.

Cause I’m tired of skipping pages..

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心情糟透了.. 真的不知道該怎麼辦才好..

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Too much happening lately

Too much happening lately, especially today. Since most of the problems are solved in a way or so, lets put everything away and concentrate on my upcoming exams on monday.

Night bloggers,

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I’d say I tried…

No point of feeling down, because I tried. And I tried really hard. But it doesn’t seem to work the way I’d want it to be.

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new place, new life.

When your in a whole new community for a period of time, a lot of things may changed. Getting adapted to a whole new routines, new people, new tasks, new goals to achieve, etc. With all these new adapting going on, you’d soon realized what used to be dearest to you will start losing its charm. Due to the fact, that he/she will be used to the whole new place without your presence. Everything will then change.

– June 4th 2012 (Monday) 12.44PM
@TMUE Library 4th Floor

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